Monday, December 29, 2008

Thanks Holli!

For my Christmas gift, Holli created this blogspot for me. How awesome is that?? So now I'm going to try to be as COOL as the rest of my blogging family. Did I hear somebody say, "Good Luck?" Well, I'm going to try anyway!
Christmas was awesome- of course! On Christmas Eve, my married and moved on kids came for dinner, so my house was as crazy as in the good-old-days. I loved it! Who'd have ever guessed that I would love my new daughter, Sheri, and my new son, Chad, this much! They truly just "fit" Nathan and Chelsea, as well as the rest of us.
Christmas morning, Alissa woke everyone up at 7. She was threatened if she tried to wake anyone up before then. (We have to threaten her every year- one year she woke everyone up at 2, and she hasn't grown up much since then) We opened gifts and then George cooked us our traditional Christmas breakfast. We stayed in our PJ's all day and enjoyed our warm home while we watched the bitter cold and snow from the safety of the window. My idea of the Perfect Christmas!
On Saturday, we braved the weather to make a short trip to Pocatello to visit some fun relatives that live there. We spent the night at Pat and Revo's home. They treated us like royalty! The next day we went to dinner at Kelly and Teresa's before coming home. I love them all so much- it was wonderful!
We still have a couple of days till Geo has to go back to work and we haven't yet decided what the plan is. I suggested this morning that we could paint the ceiling- doesn't that sound fun? Geo looks at me like I have issues...
Anyway, I have so been enjoying everybody elses blogposts. What a great way to keep up!