Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Little Girl Is 21 Today

My oldest daughter, Chelsea, turned 21 today. How did the time fly by so fast? I'm so proud of her. She's turned into such a wonderful person. I wish I could take responsibility for how wonderful, but that is just how she is. We had a great day today, we went to lunch and just spent the afternoon hanging out at her house in Provo. I just wish I could spend every moment with her. Happy Birthday, Chelsea! Your mom loves you sooo much!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Job

I went today for an interview for a job with Julie that I've been interested in. I pretty much knew that it was mine if I wanted it. Of course I wanted it! I would be working with my sister, who I hardly ever get to see. I'd be helping teen moms get a skill (nurse assisting) under their belts, how rewarding would that be? I'd be working hours while my kids are in school anyway. I'd still have my summers off... the list goes on. Sure enough, the interview went well enough that I came home with a new job that I'll be starting on Monday, and I'm having a heart attack now. I love my old job. I love working with preschoolers- I don't even like teenagers. I probably will suck at it and poor Julie will pretend like I don't. I won't get to babysit Bella anymore. She'll probably forget that we're best friends. I'll have to pretend like I'm a responsible adult (which, you know, teenagers can see right through that kind of ****!) The preschoolers didn't care- they just thought I was cool for wanting to be with them. I think I'm a little bit nuts and should probably seek help. Maybe some one should warn Julie.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 2008

My favorite part of Christmas this year was Christmas Eve. I was really worried about the holidays as Chelsea and Nathan have their own families now and I felt like I was going to be forgotten. Of course, that didn't happen! They all came home for Christmas Eve, we had dinner and a gift exchange. This is one of the pics of us on Christmas Eve. We're all here minus one- I really miss Ryan M.

My husband and my kids are my greatest joys, along with (of course) my dogs! Moqui and Jaqui complete me! They are not spoiled at all and my husband never puts them before me(right!)

Nathan and his gorgeous wife, Sheri. They're so cute together! A perfect match! Nathan's gift was a GUN from Chad. What were you thinking Chad? He could shoot his eye out!

Sheri was loved on by Alissa- she got yummy Scentsy!

Chad and Moqui are best friends! Chad's gift came from Cassidy. Woo hoo! A new lantern for camping!

Alissa, Kaley and Chelsea getting ready for the gift exchange. Chelsea received a gift of Scentsy from Kaley.

Ryan gets a movie from Sheri.

Alissa opening a gift from Chelsea- pay attention to the wrapping paper! Lol! Who cares whats inside! The wrapping paper is good enough!

Cassidy was so happy to get clothes from Ryan E.

Kaley finally owns the book she has read 9 times! Thank you Nathan! She was sick this day, how sad.

Moqui finally gets to open his gift. He was so patient and waited till his turn! He is such a good boy!

This was probably the best Christmas for me ever!