Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

I wrote this for my Facebook, and decided to copy and paste it here, since I have trouble actually sitting down long enough to do this kind of stuff. :)

1. The biggest parts of my life are my husband, my kids and my dogs. I have 1 husband (George), 1 married son (Nathan), 1 daughter-in-law (Sheri), 1 married daughter (Chelsea), 1 son-in-law (Chad), 2 sons not living at home (Ryan E. and Ryan M.- that's right- 2 Ryan's), 3 daughters that DO live at home (Alissa-16, Cassidy-12, Kaley-10), 1 big dog (Moqui-8) and 1 little dog (Jaqui-5). Playing "Mom" to this group is the most rewarding, fulfilling thing in the world. I can't imagine my life without a single one of them. (well, sometimes I can, but for this note- no, I can't) My poor husband only ever wanted 2 kids, and a nice, organized, predictable life. Poor guy- married me.

2. My other family runs such a close second in my heart that sometimes it's indistinguishable. My mom- I think I'm very much like her. I hear her in my voice and words all the time. If I can grow up to be like anyone- I want it to be like her. My sisters, Julie and Vel, are there for me no matter what- even when I'm dead WRONG they are still on my side. I couldn't survive without them. My brothers- Vaughn, Dave and Jay- I know I can depend on them no matter what is going on in my life. My sisters-in-law, Cheri and Lori, are wonderful beyond words. And lastly, but MOST importantly are my nieces- Jenn, Sierra, Lizzy, Bella, Jaydyn and Saydey- and my nephews- Karston, Shaun and Austin. I change who is my favorite all the time because I can't decide.

3. As the luckiest person in the world, I have family BEYOND family. And the most amazing part is how my heart just keeps growing to accomodate them. You would think that you only have so much love, and that it has to be spread around, but apparently that is not the case. Besides the above mentioned, I have 2 dads, 2 moms, 8 brothers, 3 sisters-in-law, 9 sisters, 3 brothers-in-law, 16 nieces and nephews (with 2 more on the way) and the most ridiculously wonderful conglomeration of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins that you can imagine! Of particular note in my life right now are my budding relationships with my sister, Mindi and her son, Eli, my dad, Frank, and cousins, Kirsty and Candice. I feel blessed beyond words.

4. I'm sad that we're not as close to my husbands side of the family as we are to mine. This plays a really strong part in my life. I know he really misses them, and I REALLY know that I do. I always fantasized that I would be really close to my in-laws, that I would adore them, and , of course, they would adore me, too. I wish there was some way patch up things of the past. I don't like my kids growing up thinking that it's a normal way of life to have problems and/or emotional distance with your family. I have a paranoia that my kids might turn their backs on each other when they get older- or even worse, that they'd turn their backs on me. Of course, I really don't think that this will happen, but past experience tells me that it's possible. I pray daily for a healing, I believe that some day it will happen.

5. I have crazy hair. Anyone who knows me well, knows of my battles with my hair. Very curly and often out of control- I have just recently gotten to a point where I can say that I like it.

6. I am disorganized. I want everyone to know that I have the most amazing intentions. Jenn got her birthday card weeks late even though I got it for her on time. Poor Julie hasn't gotten hers- even though I see her every day- and at this point I'm so embarrassed about it that I'm not going to give it to her!

7. I just turned 39- but I feel like I'm in my 20's still. I don't feel old! Sometimes my body does- but I still want to go hang with the kids. My husband probably worries about it. I remember my Grandma Evans saying, though, that she still felt like a teenager- she didn't know why she was living in such an old body. That's how I feel.

8. I can justify anything to myself and to you. Sometimes I want things that I shouldn't have, or want to do things that I shouldn't do. But I just let it all rattle around in my head until it works out that I really should have this because... and I really should do that because... I'm an expert at it! So if you need help explaining to your husband how it's in the best interest of you families finances for you to stop at the local bread store to buy a couple of those $6 loaves of bread every few days, just call me- I've got it all worked out. I actually save money by doing it. :)

9. I am a fantastic cook. I love to cook! And I love to feed people! That's one of the ways I like to show my love- by feeding people. I think that's what my kids miss most about not living at home- the food.

10. I love to read. I don't get much time to anymore, but I absolutely love melting into a good book. I do have a little trouble coming back to reality, though, as fantasy is my fav.

11. I don't like watching T.V. It drives me crazy. I do like watching movies, though. I also really like watching a good series after it's been released on DVD. Alias was so fun (thanks, Julie!) and Big Love (you KNOW I had to watch that!!). Heroes is okay, but I'm grumpy about Heroes because I want to watch Season 3 and I want to watch it now, and it's not out on DVD yet.

12. Apparently, I also have issues with patience. It is true. I'm terribly impatient- sorry, kids! Just do what you're supposed to do- when you are supposed to do it- and put some good old-fashioned quality effort into it. Thank you.

13. I can't swim. I hate this about myself! I can't swim! I'm terribly afraid of the water. I'm so jealous when I see people jump into deep water- it looks so fun and refreshing!! Someday, I'm going to take lessons and get over my fear. Of course, you know I have to get LASIK first, though, because my contacts could wash out of my eyes and then I would be blind. I could die. See- I can even justify not doing things I should do.

14. I sell Jafra- well, I pretend to sell Jafra. Really, I just like a bargain, and don't like to sacrifice quality to get a deal. So, I "sell" Jafra. I haven't yet sold retail to anyone. With all of my family and friends, I'm able to "sell" enough to be considered an "active seller" and I get a killer discount. It's been really fun. I love getting a shipment! It's sort of like Christmas! I love most of their products, there are only a couple that I don't recommend to people. So, if you want anything- please let me know- you get the same deal I get. And I get to keep my status.

15. I love to go camping. I can go in a tent, or I can go in my trailer, both are fun. I especially love to camp in more remote places away from people. Moqui gets emotional when he has to be leashed, so I prefer to camp where he won't bother too many people. He likes to go hiking with the kids and explore a bit on his own while he's at it. It wrecks his day (and mine) if he has to be tied. I love campfires. I love to have a drink around the campfire. I love waking up to a chilly morning and discovering that my husband has got my coffee ready for me. I love to sit in a stupor with my hair sticking up, drinking my coffee and absorbing nature in a campchair with a blanket wrapped around me. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE coming home to a hot shower after camping for days. THAT is the ultimate!

16. I feel responsible for other people's happiness- especially my husbands. I really struggle when he is having a rough time. I want to be able to make everything better. I'm a caretaker- sometimes that works out good for me and others, but sometimes, when there's nothing I can do to make things great, I take it pretty hard.

17. I suck at staying in touch with people that really matter to me. My New Years Resolution every year is to make an effort to improve in that area. I want to be like my cousin, Amy. Everyone knows that Amy loves them. She rocks at sending people little messages and keeping up with what is going on with them. We have a cousin Bunko every other month. I'm always amazed by how effortless it seems for her to show genuine interest in people. I love to sit at her table and just listen in on her conversations- I learn so much about people that way. Amy- I also want to be as good of a photographer as you. I love all of your pics of your kids and your life. Another thing I'd like to improve on.

18. I love little kids. I like just listening to them- they say the funniest things! I'm also learning that teenagers are similar that way. The say such funny things, too- only they are usually funny because they are twisted. Some of the things that fall out of Alissa's mouth...

19. I like to drive BIG cars/ trucks. My little Civic just isn't helping out with my Short Girl Syndrome. I know that the Suburban is ugly- I really don't care. It has so much more SPACE. And it's easy to find in a parking lot- just look for the big blue ass sticking out. And it matches Moqui's eyes. What more do you want? I love driving the truck, too. Boy- do I ever look HOT behind the wheel of the truck!! You should see me! I get the whistles! It's great for my ego!!! But the Civic?-- hmmpph!! Whatever.

20. Alissa says that I'm cool. I just asked her for an idea, because I'm running out of things to say about myself. Wow! I'm cool!! Let's not ask her what she wants... let's just bask in the warmth of the good feelings flowing over my whole self for a moment. Reality can hit later.

21. I'm afraid of heights- really afraid! I get so dizzy and nauseous. I have a total panic when my kids get to close to edges. Terrible.

22. I'm very sensitive to smells. My kids get embarrassed shopping with me because I open everything and smell it before I buy. They say I have issues.

23. I'm the Queen of Allergies. I'm allergic to everything!! I think I might be allergic to George even. I went through Immunotherapy (shots) for almost 5 years which really helped. I carry around with me every allergy med known to man, just in case. I've been involved in numerous allergy research studies. The research people LOVE me because they know that there is about a 99.9 percent chance that I'll be allergic to whatever it is they're testing. I'm allergic to sagebrush, grass, trees, weeds, mold, mildew, cats, + + +. When I went in for testing, they tested me for 54 things common in Utah- I tested allergic to all of them but horses and feathers. The only food allergies that I've discovered are celery and pistachios. Luckily, I don't have asthma. My first symptom of an allergic reaction is anxiety. Wierd, huh?

24. EBAY!!!!! Oh, how I love Ebay! I love shopping. I love selling. I love browsing. What an addiction. I blame my mother-in-law, Linda. Surely, somehow, she is to blame!

25. I dislike negativity. I like to look on the bright-side of things. I don't get depressed easily, and when I do it doesn't last long. My husband is sure this is because my life has been so peachy. I disagree. I've been through alot of rocky messes, and I've caused myself alot of problems. I'm on my third marriage (my first 2 husbands were drug addicts), I lost custody of my daughter for years, I've been arrested (never jailed, thank God!), been taken advantage of in ways I don't want to talk about, tried drugs (again, thank you, God, for my genes resistant to addiction), slept in my car, been beat up, had my kids tell me that they hate me, etc., etc., etc. But I inherited from my mom the ability to look on the bright side of things, and to look at the positive. What a blessing!! I watch people with problems with depression and my heart bleeds for them. I am so grateful to not understand what it's like.

Well, there you go. 25 random things about me. :)