Monday, August 10, 2009

Kaley's Birthday Party

Kaley's birthday has always and will always be at the worst possible time during the year. I don't know what she was thinking! Trying to get people together to celebrate is so tricky in July! And the beginning of August is just as bad. With reunions, her siblings anniversary's, holidays, etc., her birthday celebration always gets pushed well into August. We finally decided on a movie (Ice Age 3) with dessert after. Here we are in front of Baskin Robbins after the movie.

Kaley chose her gifts from her parents this year. I expected her to go nuts on clothes! But she surprised me by carefully choosing 1 thing- A camera/camcorder that has a case to make it waterproof up to 15 ft. As the camera itself used up all of her birthday money, she was ready to do extra jobs to earn a little more money to buy some memory for it. Aunt Julie and Uncle Vaughn came to the rescue, however, with a memory card as their gift. She was ecstatic!

Alissa giving Kaley a birthday squeeze. They have such a close and loving relationship, Lol!

Aunt Julie LOVES princesses!!!!!!!!!!!

Alissa and her Grandma- this was a funny moment. :) Mom was helping with the grandkids (as usual) and commenting that she sometimes feels like a rug. Alissa ran up to her and gave her a hug, saying, "But you are my FAVORITE rug!!" So now I know what I need to aspire to be when I'm a Grandma- somebody's favorite rug!!!

It's so fun just being together!

Aunt Vel and baby Laya

This is the world you get to live in when there are Miller's involved. Truly frightening!!

Nathan and his bride, Sheri

Grandma Joan holding a very sleepy Bella. She was asleep about 5 minutes after this picture was taken.

Umm- Jenn. What did you do to that baby??

Kaley has a special relationship with her cousin, Jenn. Always has, always will.

Oh, yeah!!! Play-Doh from Chad and Chelsea!! You must know Kaley very well!

Finally blowing out the candles!

It's official, now, Kaley! You really are 11. The good part about having your birthday stretched out is that it actually gets celebrated for nearly a month! I can't believe how grown up you are. My baby!