Saturday, May 30, 2009

Kaley's Report on New Jersey

Kaley worked really hard on this project for her class. It was worth 800 points, and she did such a great job on it that I'm sure she'll get a great grade. She had to make a float out of a shoebox, a map, and a HUGE written report- it turned out to be over 20 pages. It took weeks- and we're glad it's done, but we did learn a lot, didn't we Kaley?

Cassidy's Concert

Cassidy's end of the year concert was held outside this year. It was really nice. She is getting better and better at playing the violin. She was able to play 1st chair most of the year. She's really excited to get out of Cadet Orchestra and into the Concert Orchestra next year.

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Waxing of Nathan

Funny stuff, here! My son asked me if I would wax his arms. Finally!- a chance to get even with him for all the trouble he's been! I gladly agreed! Poor guy, used to be as hairy as a gorilla. Well, not any more! :)

His wife Sheri thought she'd like to help, too, until she saw how painful it is!

Look at his face!!! And look at Sheri's! She didn't want any active part in the torture session after that. She willingly let me have all the fun.

Trying so hard to be manly...
Now his arms are baby smooth. I wonder if he'll want to do it again though!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lake Viva Naughton- Memorial Weekend

In spite of the weather forecast, we decided to head to Wyoming for the weekend. George wanted to fish and I wanted to relax with my kids and find time to read. It worked out well for both of us. The weather was crazy- we got dumped on by the rain, blown away by the wind (and a cold wind at that), but we got a little sunshine, as well.

I had planned on fishing, but I don't like the cold very much. So I ended up indoors most of the trip, reading. But the cold didn't stop George or Ryan. Ashley, Ryan's girlfriend, fished with them. She was a much better sport that me.

Jaqui loves camping! We put this little red sweater on her- not only to keep her warm,
but so that we can see her more easily.

My son, Nathan, and his gorgeous wife, Sheri, went as well.
I love having them around. They just make me feel good!

A man and his dog. Isn't this a great pic? Moqui always wants to be in the middle of everything!

Kaley has always loved being with her daddy.

The building of the campfire- first you need a guy who can saw the logs...

Then you need to gather little twigs and build them into a teepee...

Then you can add in sticks that are a little bigger...
And then you get to play with matches...

Smoke!!! That's a good sign...
Ta Da!!! And Kaley has mastered the flame!!!

Or was it Cassidy??

Who cares! We're all just glad for warmth. Good job girls!

We're hungry- where's the cook?

Good thing we brought along the husband-
otherwise we'd be eating hotdogs every night.
Geo always cooks for us.

Jaqui loves hamburgers! And this one is as big as she is!! AND she thinks it is for her!!!
I loved having Alissa with us this trip. Camping is one of her least favorite things, but she managed to be a good sport. She won't admit it, but I think she even had fun.

This is a good way to get warm- just climb inside somebody's jacket! :)

Just spending time together- enjoying it while it lasts, because the rain is on it's way.

Moqui is the real dog in our family. And he knows it!
He keeps us all safe from all of the bad guys out there, as well as the kitties
and the mice. Good Boy!

Cassidy, my little fishergirl!

I love you, Jaqui! But you can't come out. Daddy saw a bald eagle out here and we don't want you to be a snack for his babies!

Kaley "hung out" with her brother Nathan as much as possible this trip. It was totally cute!

Time for the master firebuilder to show us how it's done!
Nathan, Sheri and Kaley- taking a walk during a break from the rain.
We always snuggle Jaqui in the evenings. And she LOVES it!!
During the windy and rainy times, the kids all loaded up into the trailer to
play games. They played games for HOURS!

It turned out to be a great trip. In a way, the crappy weather just made it more of an adventure.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Bathing Jasmine

One of the girls' fun things to do when they're bored is to give Jasmine a bath. It not only makes her smell better, but she looks so funny when she's wet and she acts so bizarre that the girls are in hysterics within minutes.

Not happy! But doesn't she look funny? Her fur is light underneath-
it makes her look bald when she's wet!

Her tail fur stands on end when she's excited or upset- even when it's wet.

Sorry, baby! But you know you will smell so much better!!