Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cassidy and Lizzy's Birthday Party

This year, Cassidy and Lizzy decided to share a birthday party- as they share the birthday. Their mothers thought it was a great idea! We got together with some of our favorite people for cake and icecream in Lizzy's backyard. It turned out great!

Cassidy and Kaley playing ball

Alissa, Kaley and Sierra clowning around

Papa Joe and Kris- so happy to see them! They are just like family to us. Kris would have to be considered my best friend if I had any. Lol! The kids call Joe "Papa" and have for years. You'd have to meet him to understand the way we all connect with him.

What are little girls made of, made of....

Cassidy opening a card from Lori, Dave and Timmy. Kaley- you are just weird!

Oh- this girl loves her Aunt Lori!

Saydey- She hung on for almost forever. She has the strongest arms!

Vaughn and Karston. He is really the cutest baby ever!

Yahvel and new little Aly.

Alissa, Sierra and Sarah- they used to spend every day all summer together. Those were the days!

Kaley, Sheri and Nathan

Wow! It feels good to get together just to visit, doesn't it? Seems like we never do that enough.

Cassidy's Grandma Joan holding sweet baby Alya.

Cassidy- you really are a princess. You know that don't you??

What a pretty new dress!

A beautiful anklet from Jenn and Shaun. It perfectly matched her skirt!

Cheri and Karston. I love you, baby boy!

Surprise hug from Tim :)

Dave attempting to hula


Dave, Lori and Tim

That was the coolest purse ever! Julie gave Lizzy a purse made from a single zipper.

Lori and my brother, Dave

An outfit from Aunt Julie and Uncle Vaughn

Baby Ryker- all smiles!

Kasey and Tsalaph

Jay and Vaughn

Jewelry! How did Tsalaph know?

Kaley and Lizzy- in their lovely summer hats :)

A book for Lizzy, our little reader. I hope you love it, Lizzy!

The birthday girls!

Make a wish!

Oh, Sierra! What happened??

Is it really up your nose?

Never a dull moment when Tim is around!

Good luck getting even with him, Alissa! He's just a little bigger than you are!

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  1. Happy birthday!

    my panda fanatic roommate got a cute Morn Creations bag as birthday gift!
    she is just THRILLED with it.